November 26th 2014 | Hilton Glasgow, Glasgow

About the event

Developments from the frontline of Scottish healthcare

Healthcare associated infections are recognised as one of the biggest threats facing not only the health service, but our entire society. Nowhere is this more important than in the area of vascular access; during vascular interventions patients are extremely vulnerable to infection.

We invite healthcare professionals from across the spectrum to join us at The Scottish Symposium for Vascular Access in Glasgow on Wednesday 26 November as we consider some of the most important issues surrounding infection control and vascular access. We will cover issues including:

  • The latest on infection control in Scotland
  • The specific challenges associated with vascular access
  • Advances in technology and medical equipment

Delegates will hear presentations by experts from a range of areas, pulling together the information required for sustained, system-wide improvements. With free places for NHS Scotland register now and help to optimise standards and safety in Scottish vascular access.